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Distributed Ledger Technology in New Mobility™

Motivation - Why the Distributed Ledgers in New Mobility™?

The digital transformation of mobility and transportation has far reaching implications for consumers, industry and the public sector. Mobility is critical to economic and social development and must therefore be accessible and affordable to everyone. Driverless vehicles promise a leap in productivity, but at the same time threaten the industrial base and related jobs in view of digital business models, automation and new forms of ownership. At the same time, the digital transformation promises a future where mobility is not only sustainable and zero emission, but shared and available on demand in a highly customized fashion. Such personalization of mobility services rely on data and the ability to translate such data into products and services that consumer’s value. Data has become the ultimate control point and is at the center of emerging business models. What are the future business models in this emerging ecosystem of mobility?

Distributed Ledger Technology promises a future where personal identities and data can be protected. At the same time, identities and trust protocols enable a true P2P sharing economy without impacting privacy. It may enable data sharing across value chain participants in a way that puts consumers and commons in control of data and how it may be shared (and in exchange for what). Ultimately, the Distributed Ledgers promise to power not only humans, but autonomous fleets that create a self-governing marketplace of mobility and transportation services.

Why Become a Part of the Special Interest Group?

It is still a long way before driverless fleets of next generation vehicles roam the streets to serve our individual mobility needs. But the New Mobility™ revolution is well on its way and the digital transformation of the industry is accelerating. The Special Interest Group (SIG) on "Distributed Ledgers in New Mobility™ " creates a cross- industry community where collaboration and co-innovation with startups occurs.

Based on our conversations with companies across the New Mobility ecosystem, we have established the following three categories of potential members.

  • Those that have heard of Distributed Ledgers in the context of crypto-currencies and the Banking industry, but have only a vague understanding of the technology and its underpinnings.
  • The second category are companies that have started to explore the technology, typically as part of a research lab. However, these efforts are typically limited in terms of resource commitment and lack the scale to do justice to the opportunity presented by the technology.
  • Lastly, the Distributed Ledger leaders in our network have developed a solid understanding of the technology and related use cases in their business context. They are actively engaged in the Distributed Ledger ecosystem and are testing the limits of the technology in prototypes and real-life deployments.

As much as the category 3 leaders are concerned about giving up their hard-earned lessons and experiences, they are also keenly aware that it takes a cross-industry effort and the collaboration of multiple players to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of Distributed Ledgers in New Mobility.

The goal of the SIG is to foster a future where Distributed Ledgers can unleash their full potential in the New Mobility World® for the benefit of our members, citizens, and societies at large.