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​New Mobility Lab

Every great open source project has a great ecosystem surrounding it, in many ways it is the defining characteristic that separates a mediocre project from a great one. A thriving ecosystem is a prerequisite for long term success. In that spirit we are very happy to announce the ‘IOTA Ecosystem Fund’, which is valued north of $10,000,000. This fund is entirely dedicated towards fostering growth of IOTA through incentivizing participation in expanding and shaping the ecosystem.

Sente and New Mobility Lab have teamed up on the second international accelerator New Mobility program. The program is designed to take early-stage Mobility startups (primarily in Europe) to scale-up via a hands-on, structured accelerator using:

  • Sente's unique approach to building a business model, economic model and market entry plan in both Europe and the US.
  • New Mobility Lab’s cross-industrial community of startups and corporations to operationalize the digital transformation of transportation and mobility aka New Mobility World.
  • An intense business development experience through a series of industry events in both Europe and the US, along with a US home at the Connectory in Chicago.

Envision. Inspire. Co-Create.

New Mobility Program II

IOTA Foundation Development Fund