including vehicle sharing, ride sharing, fleet management, contextual location-based services etc.

​New mobility Lab - ​How we see the new mobility world®

Product to System of Systems. Source: New Mobility Lab adapted from Porter and Heppelmann (2014)

including battery technology, charging infrastructure, alternative energies, fleet management, new material science etc.

including smart city technologies such as smart parking, intermodal transportation planning, intelligent traffic management, smart homes, digital infrastructure etc.

including software and hardware platforms / infotainment and related apps, connected vehicle services, connectivity and infrastructure solutions, HMI, vehicle interior, IoT and smart sensors, etc.​

human centric

New Mobility Lab - Program partners

​New Mobility Lab

New Mobility Lab innovation


New Mobility World® is a registered Trademark of New Mobility World Inc.





In order for companies to not only survive, but to thrive in this new world, they need to become part of the community that creates the future, rather than watch from a distance. Most traditional players struggle with new technologies that are at the core of emerging business models. They fail to make new connections to become part of the emerging mobility ecosystem.

To address the complex challenges ahead, cross-industry collaboration is required. New partnerships need to be formed to transform physical products into the digital and connected solutions of tomorrow. However, most companies are still stuck in traditional industry silos and remain predominantly inward focused.

Corporate R&D tends to work well for sustained innovation where incremental changes continue to optimize existing products. However, internal R&D tends to fail when it comes to disruptive innovation. Which Automotive R&D team would have envisioned Waze, UBER or Hyperloop? How will your organization create new, forward thinking business models? How will you master the technologies required to create the future?

Envision. Inspire. Co-Create.



including advanced driver assistance systems, automated and autonomous driving technologies, automated parking, real-time HD maps, 3D LiDAR etc.

Source: New Mobility Lab adapted from Porter and Heppelmann (2014)


new mobility lab - WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN 

New Mobility Lab creates a community where cross-industry collaboration and co-innovation, associated with the digital transformation of transportation and mobility, or New Mobility™ for short, between startups and corporations happens through open innovation. We take a holistic view of the New Mobility™ with the core themes "Connected", "Autonomous", "Electric", "Human Centric" and "Shared". 


The work of the New Mobility Lab is driven by the needs of our members. Our goal is to expose the community to the latest technology and business trends to inspire new thinking. Where should you place your future bets? What are fads that come and go? We help our members envision the future and create an environment where they can co-create the New Mobility World®.


We work best when we develop strategic relationship and a deep understanding of your innovation challenges. Our aspiration is not only to discover the most relevant startups to address your innovation needs. We strive to help create breakthrough ideas based on our holistic view of the mobility and transportation space.

We invite you to join our community and shape the New Mobility World™​. The New Mobility Lab is a non-profit organization and open to corporate partners from across all industry sectors, technology companies, the investor community and of course startups.

Benefits for Corporate Partners

We invite corporate innovation and corporate venturing teams of both incumbents and new entrants from across the mobility ecosystem including automotive, rail, trucking and buses, airlines as well as energy companies, insurance, telcos and high tech to join the New Mobility Lab. Few companies in the world have the brand recognition, ecosystem and financial resources to build an Open Innovation program on their own.

  • Leverage the momentum and scale of a larger community to reduce the cost of Open Innovation and amplify impact.
  • Quickly build new cross-industry relationships with corporations across the emerging new mobility ecosystem.
  • Get global access to talented entrepreneurs and startups focused on smart mobility and transportation. Jumpstart or fuel your open innovation initiative with connections to startups and investors across major innovation centers.
  • Leverage the brainpower of entrepreneurs and the financial resources of venture capital to extend your internal R&D efforts. Opportunities for co-development, partnerships, equity investment or acquisition.
  • Drive co-innovation with startups in an environment conducive to breakthrough thinking unconstrained by corporate constraints and policies.  Inject startup thinking into your organization. Gain access to our global network of mobility experts, mentors and investors.
  • Position your brand with startup entrepreneurs. Build awareness of your open innovation activities through New Mobility Lab marketing, events and public relations.
  • Leverage our platform to position your solutions with customers and partners.

We are not constrained by commercial interests to promote companies in the New Mobility Lab. We are also not constrained by existing cohorts or portfolio companies. Our goal is to help make your Open Innovation program successful.

Benefits for Technology Partners

Technology is at the core of the New Mobility revolution. As technology drives business models innovation across New Mobility, the role of technology providers in the ecosystem becomes ever more important. However, adoption of innovative technologies requires education and technology evangelism, and hand-on experiences for the developer communities.

  • Create awareness and evangelize technologies that address specific innovation challenges of the New Mobility Lab members.
  • Engage in Special Interest Groups to create reference architectures driven by actual customer requirements.
  • Educate the developer ecosystem through online communities, webinars and physical.
  • Build developer communities and drive adoption of your platform technologies and data APIs through awareness, education and hand-on experiences.
  • Create test beds and sandbox environments to engage corporates in joint prototyping, hackathons and hack-at-homes.
  • Position your brand with the corporations and startups across the New Mobility ecosystem.
  • Leverage our platform to position your solutions with customers and partners.

Benefits for Startups

The New Mobility Lab is looking for hardware and software startups with applications in smart mobility and transportation including the connected car, automated and autonomous driving, electric mobility, urban mobility and mobility services. We provide a platform for startups that we source through our New Mobility Challenge, technology scouting activities and our global network to present their innovation to corporate partners and investors.

  • We provide access to major corporations across smart mobility and transportation. Work of real world problems and validate solutions.
  • Our goal is to shorten your time to market and drive customer adoption.
  • Get education and technical guidance on how to best leverage technologies of our technology partners.
  • Free access to the latest tools and technologies.
  • We create visibility and make connections with major investors including angels, VC firms and corporate venturing teams.
  • Take advantage of our network of mentors and advisors and learn how to effectively work with large corporations.  
  • Our international network of mobility experts and corporate partners help startups accelerate their growth in international markets.

New Mobility Lab is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) and its membership fees are tax deductible under US tax law.